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As you may have noticed, this website is straight forward and to the point.  I can build very detailed sites, however, I myself want a website to give me the information I need; not be so filled with gibberish, that I get lost, or cannot find my way around.  For what I do, this is the type of site I need.    I am giving all information, in a limited amount of space.  I recognize that my target audience is business professionals,  whose time is valuable.  This site www.american-hi-tek.com is very detailed.  They are appealing to a different clientele, whom need much more information in order to choose the correct product.

I build based on what you want, and need; but remember, the simpler to use, the better for your customers.  They are not coming to your site to watch a flash entry show, they are coming for information.  How detailed that information is, depends on what your business does.  Some of the highest earning websites that exist, are very simple and straight forward.


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